MandA has grown a reputation of stand up, say it out loud and be heard. Events carried out by MandA Events have reached Global Audiences of billions of people. Its Philanthropic events in 2013 hit global audiences of 2,488,128,253 spreading the word of Philanthropists, Humanitarians and Organizations without a voice. Our Communications department is divided into a local team in each operating country and a central office in Los Angeles. The experienced team of Communication Professionals can not only maximize the attention an event receives but can also strategically position a brand or message in a number of alternative outlets connecting the brand to celebrities and philanthropy in a number of different key market languages.

MandA can not only bring a voice to a philanthropic event but to any product. Thanks to the relationship that MandA Events has created over the years with the film and television industry, we are able to provide unique access to top global entertainment properties that allow brand messaging and products to be integrated into top-rated TV shows and movies creating new and innovative ways of transmitting messages.

MandA can also help with communicating your brands message in any of its working markets thanks to local specialized communications team for English, Spanish, French and Arab speaking markets.

Public Relations